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Creating and growing an audience



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    Now, click “Next” to select who you want or do not want to include in your modeling. For that, you need to select which categories are positive, meaning you want them in your audience and which categories are negative, meaning you do not want them in your audience. You have to select at least one positive and one negative, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed, while the rest can be neutral and will be ignored when growing your audience. Let’s say we want “Definitely” and “Probably” as positives because we want people who are likely to buy a mobile in the next 3 months and “No” as a negative because we do not want people who are not likely to buy a mobile in the next 3 months . If you click on an option once, it will become green, which means positive, while clicking on it twice will make it  red, hence negative. The options you do not click will be considered neutral.

  • Travis Bridge
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